Our mission is to learn the way of Jesus together as we invite others to join us at His table
Missional Engagement Team
Rob Kazee, Chairperson
Alan Kratzsch
Jenn Hodge
Brian Hodge
Dave Earp
Spiritual Formation Team
Jeffery Wolfe,Chairperson
Jolie Hodge
Ben Hodge

Danita Rizzardo


Congregational Care & Fellowship
Becky Wolfe,Chairperson
Cindy Earp
Barb Long
Vangie Berger
Stacy Black
Donna Herman
Lela Focht
Buildings and Grounds
Randy Martin,Chairperson
Brenda Holston, Treasurer
Pat Carney
Drew Speicher
Mike Border
Youth Ministry Team
Michelle Speicher, Chairperson
Michele Buhr
Pam Border
Alan Kratzsch
Becka Sweeney
Dave Myers
Children’s Ministry Team
Delores Reese, Chairperson
Wendy Giffin
Jane Kazee
Pam Border
Becky Wolfe
Jenn Hodge
Bekah Kratzsch
Dave Myers